Why do we need brand registration in Chennai?

A brand is commonly designing on the basis of name, word, design, logo, or other attributes that distinguishes a company or product from its competitors in terms of the customer. Brand Registration in Chennai is commonly using in marketing and advertising. Branding is a set of marketing and communication methods that help a company or product stand out from competitors, with the goal of creating a lasting impression in the minds of consumers. The key components that make up a brand’s toolbox are brand recognition, brand communication (such as logos and trademarks), brand awareness, brand loyalty, and various branding (brand management) strategies.

A mark that legally represents something, usually by business, their goods or services. The brand name, however, is the name a business chosen for the products. A brand registration helps the brand which identifies the name of a product or service or company.

Popularizing the brand name (trademark) is good and good, but it’s useless if someone else uses it. It is therefore important to register your brand name as soon as possible so that it is used by you and no one else. It is therefore important to know its registration process and fees in India. So through this blog we are going to tell you about these aspects of brand registration in chennai.

Brand registration

The Brand can easily register in India by following a few brief steps: –

  • Pre-determine the specific brand name
  • Make a trademark application
  • Fill in the brand name registration application
  • The brand name registration application is under consideration
  • Published in Indian Trademark Journals
  • Issuance of Trademark Registration Certificate

Features of brand registration

Improves relationship

Brand registration in Chennai develops a natural organic relationship with customers / clients. Let the product or service speak louder. They don’t have to constantly remember the great product they have. Instead, focus on developing the business relationship in an authentic way. Be open to listening to their suggestions. Create an open door policy that allows you to hear directly their views and ideas about a good or bad brand. Give voice to customers and they will reward you with loyalty.

Customer service

Customer service is about small details and enhances the emotional connection with customers. An important aspect of customer service is building successful relationships. It doesn’t matter if people are selling a product or service; how a business deals with your customers / clients determines how successful it is. Providing an excellent customer service experience leads to greater retention, more repetitive business. Reaching and meeting customers is essential when achieving a goal related to a brand image. Providing consistent support to customers and demonstrating common concern over their issues is an important part of trying to build a more brand lawyer. The marketing is also increased.

Brand registry

Amazon’s brand registry is a program is mainly designing to give brand owners control over the products they sell on the e – commerce site. This program identifies the owners of brands on Amazon and helps them to protect their product content and intellectual property on the site.

Through the program, brand owners can report:

  • Violation of brand policies
  • Listing issues
  • Violations on intellectual property
  • Technical issues related to products
  • Benefits of registering brands on Amazon

Brand owners stand for profit when they register with the Amazon brand registry. Benefits are given below.

Product inventory protection

Brand Registration and its importance in Chennai | Solubilis

The brand registry makes it easy for brand owners because third party sellers do not have to worry about changing their product listings. While this is still possible, brand owners register with Amazon do not have to go through the process of initiating cases with Amazon to resolve the issue.

With a brand registry, brand owners through brand registration in Chennai can reduce the chances of solving data change issues. Instead, registered brands will benefit from a better ranking of their listings on the site‌. Furthermore, Amazon protects brand owners as advertisers. Through its brand registry program, the e-commerce site collects details about brands and uses them to create precautionary measures that check the legitimacy of advertising that contains brand trademarks.

Control of brand representation

Unregistered brands control the details of their product pages under the brand registry program Risk held by resellers. This can lead to misrepresentation of a brand which is obtain through brand registration in Chennai that damages the company image. With the brand registry, brand owners have complete control over their product pages. Amazon ensures that product lists of registered brands are constantly updated. Also, when buyers see such lists, they see content from the brand – not reseller information.

Benefits of brand registration

Brand Registration and its importance in Chennai | Solubilis
  • Valuable property. In this present digital world, brands are a valuable asset to companies of any size and the federal registration of your trademarks with the valuable national rights to trademarks. Coca-Cola is consistently one of the most valuable trademarks in the world. It has an annual revenue generation capacity of billions of dollars.
  • Nationwide priority.

 By brand registration in chennai, you protect the right to expand your business to the geographical areas of the country where you have not previously conducted business. If you do not have federal registration and you only use your brand, another person who has filed an application for the same trademark registration even after you start using it.

  • Good remedies for violation.

 Federal registration provides notice and acts as a deterrent to potential infringers that you are the sole owner of the trademark. Federal registration allows you to triple the actual costs incurred by the employer, including attorney fees, if anyone violates your trademark.

  • Prevent imports. 

The registered brand can be filed and allows for the seizure of infringing foreign goods. 

Unrestricted brand. After five years of continuous use and registration in the Principal Register, some of the reasons for withdrawing the registered trademark have already been mentioned, thus saving you huge litigation costs. In another case conducted by our office representing an unregistered trademark owner who has been in use for five years, the client had to spend litigation resources justifying attacks on the validity of its trademark, which was estimated five years in advance.

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