Brand Registration in Chennai

Want to get Brand registration in Chennai? A dazzling, eye- catching, idealistic brand name is extremely a great support to obtain reputation and optimal benefits of brand registration in our business in our "Detroit of India"- Chennai. The trade tournament is tremendous in both National and International level Economic sectors. So, the brand name registration should be handled with care for the blossoming business. Solubilis endeavour entire expanse of legal services like trademark registration, logo registration, patent registration, etc,

An Industrialist or a business man can courageously say " this registered brand name is ours! if any of you dare to utilize or merchandise your commodity, we will appeal you!"

Why brand registration is crucial in trade?

The priority provided to the brand registration in Chennai is increasing drastically. Brand name is substantially an another name for trademark. It is good to register the name of your business as a trademark. The four contrasting divisions of trademark uniqueness are eloquent, expressive, extravagant and universal. Brand registration provides legal ownership in all provincial, puppet government and interstates. Our admiring and adventurous service in registering a brand name is through technical trademark attorneys and efficient experts of Solubilis. We landed in brand registration process for the commercial, Industrial and experienced establishments by the Indian companies.

Procedure for registering a brand name

  • Search for incredible brand name and suitable Logo.
  • Prepare the trademark application.
  • Stuff the brand name registration application. (Manual filing or e- filing)
  • Investigate the registered application.
  • Publish the registered application in the Indian Trademark Journals.
  • Tackling the opposition and infringement cases by entities.
  • Granting the brand registration certificate.

Supporting documents for brand registration

For separate and sole proprietorship
  • Copy of the Unique Logo
  • Form -48
  • Identity proof and Address proof of the sole proprietor
For Partnership/ LLP/ Start up companies
  • Copy of the Unique Logo
  • Signed Form -48
  • Identity proof and Address proof of the proprietor
  • Udyog Aadhar registration certificate
  • Incorporation certificate

Yes, it is essential to acknowledge power of attorney at the time of filing the application in favour of an applicant.

  • Determine either it's a product based business or service based business.
  • More accuracy is needed for filing the class and accurate category to avoid rejection.
  • Target more on the finished products rather than packaging and ingredients added.

Nationwide stability, right to the exclusive use of the brand mark, validity and added benefits in trade, increase in integrity of the company and the right to use ® symbol are some of the general benefits of registering a brand.

Yes, certain companies prefer to register slogan as well as their trademark. It should be a short catchy phrase or saying and should be intrinsically extraordinary and innovatively developed with a backup meaning.

Regular renewals play a vital role in protecting the brand name. Solubilis intimates a prior notice of the deadlines and follows needed paperwork with refurbish report through our personalized portal.


Get one stop solution for all the business registrations and legal compliances with the support of our Solubilis.