Brand name registration in Chennai & its importance

Once the business has received traction, think about Brand name registration. This will add more time and legal fees during the lifetime of the brand. Successful brands are worth millions of dollars and small brands are also worth surprising. These values ​​are based on the value they create for the business. Great brands are constantly getting word of mouth, can offer high prices, can easily register new product segments and even earn royalties on the brand by licensing to another party.

Now, if some other businesses use this brand name without permission, and the only help is a painful court action, it can take years to resolve. That shouldn’t happen, right? This is where brand registration comes into play. It is not necessary at all. But having one ensures that one have complete control over the word, logo or slogan the trademark. Furthermore, if there is brand registration, it will be easier to establish the rights in court, saving the time and legal fees. Not convinced yet? Let’s look at three main ways the brand can be compromised if don’t have a brand name registration.

Brand name registration in Chennai and its importance

Building a relationship

Brand registration develops a natural organic relationship with the customers / clients. Let the product or service speak louder. There is no need to constantly remind them of the great product one has. Instead, focus on developing the relationship in an authentic way. Be open to listening to their suggestions. Create an open door policy that allows to hear directly their views and ideas about the brand, good or bad. Give the customers a voice and they will reward with loyalty.

Customer service

Customer service is about small details and enhances the emotional connection with the customers. An important aspect of customer service is to build successful relationships. It does not matter if people are selling a product or a service; how to deal with your customers / clients will determine how successful the business will be. Providing an excellent customer service experience leads to greater retention, more repetitive business and word of mouth marketing. One needs to reach out and meet customers while pursuing a goal related to the brand image. Providing consistent support to the customers and demonstrating common concern over their issues is an important part when trying to build a more brand lawyer.


Brand name registration in Chennai & its importance

The customers need to know about company. They need to have a strong grasp of the agenda and what company stands for. This is one of the most visible parts when trying to build that trust with the customer base. Trust is a huge topic for brand advocacy as discussed earlier. People want to know the true intentions; Being at the forefront of information and not hiding anything can seriously strengthen the customer relationships. Customers do not like to play angles game and try to find out if you are really selling them. If they are sceptical of the actions it can lead to business loss. Putting all your cards on the table is good faith, and it builds consistent trust with customers.


The brand name registration content spreads easily and should be consistent over time. Provide new content and opportunities for the audience to promote the brand as often as possible. It controls their engagement and gives them consistent opportunities to defend the brand. If the content scheduling is chaotic, one can expect a minimum ROI for the efforts the brand puts forward. Constantly engaging the audience is an important part of creating advocacy.

Steps for Brand name Registration India for your brand

Brand name registration in Chennai & its importance

Trademark Search

At this stage, Company needs to get a complete search online and offline to find out if the brand needed to register. Brand name registration requires that it should resonate with your target audience: for example do not choose a funky name if your target audience is local or elderly.

This should not be too common; Keep common names and names close to competitors’ names.

Creating application

At this stage, the trademark attorney will design the brand registration application if the trademark is unique. If anyone uses a similar trademark registered, you must change yours. If you use it in front of another person or legal entity, you must prove it.


This paragraph explains how to register a brand registration in Chennai. At this stage, one will have to pay a government fee (as an individual, small company or start up) or. It should know that the trademark attorney professional fee per application and per class. If the trademark does not object at this stage, an announcement will be made in the Trademarks Journal. If there are no objections four months after publication, your trademark will be registered approximately six months later.


Brand name registration in Chennai & its importance

When starting a business or non-profit organization, creating a good brand name registration and logo are key to the success of a business. The brand name and logo identify the service or product that your business offers. These are also one of the first things your potential client or customer sees. That’s why you need to know exactly what comes with the perfect brand name and logo for your business. This may seem like an exaggeration, but this selection process requires careful consideration of what you ultimately want to name for your company. Above all, the brand name, along with the logo, abbreviates everything your business symbolizes. Let’s start by discussing some important things to keep in mind when you decide on your brand name.

When the brand name registration is mentioned, impressions are formed. It is the duty of brand owners to ensure that such impressions formed are positive and that they are the impressions they want for their brand from their customers, target audience and the general public.

It should not be given the opportunity that naming your product, service or company is so important and integral to the branding process. It has to be deliberate, strategic and well thought out. It is recommended that the brand name come up after going through a process that involves research, confusing, refining and testing.

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