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What Are The Main Essential Factors To Register A Brand registration In Chennai?

Brand registration In Chennai, Trademark is a grant that enables a company to accentuate its brand specialty in the cutthroat business. According to Segment 2 of the Trade Marks Act, 1999, a Trademark is a Mark that recognizes the labor and products of one company from another. Trademark can be anything from an image to a label or a logo. 

Brand registration in Chennai guarantees to ensure certain images, names, taglines, signatures, labels and plans associated with your brand. Further, it gives a clear image of your company to clients. The Brand registration in Chennai in India is regulated by Service of Business and Industry, Regulator General of Patent Plan and Indian Government. 

Interesting points prior to applying for Brand registration in Chennai 

It is crucial to realize that there is a wide range of Trademarks available, so a company needs to pick the appropriate class to enroll a Trademark according to its nature. Here is the rundown of various sorts of Trademarks in India: 

Item Mark-It is a mark on items or merchandise which facilitates the clients to decide the tangible item effortlessly. An applicant should apply under Trademark Class 1-34 for Item Mark Registration. 

Administration Mark–Apart from the items, there is a separate category to enroll administrations. It enables the clients to perceive a particular help from its Administration Mark. Brand registration in Chennai of administrations falls into Class 35-45. 

Aggregate Mark–Any organization or company recorded under Segment 8 of Companies Act, 2013 requires Aggregate Mark. This Mark portrays the unmistakable features of a company’s item and administrations on an aggregate basis. For instance, the companies which are utilizing the “Reliance Gathering Logo” are representative of “Reliance Gathering”. 

Certification Mark–As the name recommends, this Mark affirms the beginning, quality, materials and different aspects of an item or administration. It allows clients to distinguish those items that fulfil an endorsed guideline. Certification Mark is usually associated with packed food, toys, and telephones and so forth it guarantees that the item has passed several standard tests and sustains great quality. 

Sound Mark–This Trademark assures the safety of an item, brand or an assistance as far as strong. Hence, it enables the audience to perceive a particular item or administration through the concerned sound, for example, IPL, Airtel and so on 

Pattern Mark–Companies which deals for certain plans or patterns to discriminate their brand should attain a Pattern Mark. Plus, the proprietor should demonstrate the uniqueness of its pattern to enroll under this Trademark. A portion of the popular brands utilizing this Mark are Coca Cola, Puma and so on as they follow a particular plan in their items. 

Top Ten Reasons for Trademark Complaint in India 

Why Brand registration in Chennai is important for already running business 

What are the advantages of Brand registration in Chennai? 

Companies can reap many benefits by online Brand registration in Chennai: 

Enlarge brand value–Brand advancement is crucial at an early stage of a business. A remarkable brand is regularly accompanied by Brand registration in chennai, Sholinganallur which demonstrates its reliability and increases the generosity of a company. 

Differentiates your item Trademark gives an exceptional personality to a company’s labor and products. A brand logo passes on about the quality, vision and different attributes of your organization to the clients. 

Draws able human assets huge brands attract more youthful talent. At the point when a company is ensured with Brand registration in Chennai, it creates a positive image of the firm. In this way, it drives gifted human assets. It further eases the recruitment and other related activities. 

Legal insurance against encroachment Online Brand registration in Chennai, Mylapore, safeguards your brand as no contender can use an enrolled logo. Be that as it may, if a company/individual does a misleading utilization of a brand logo without the proprietor’s assent, then, at that point the proprietor can take legal insurance for the same. 

Bit by bit strategy to enroll a Trademark in India 

Follow the means offered underneath to enroll Trademark for your brand: 

Stage 1-Search for exceptional logo 

The principal thing which you need to accomplish for online Brand registration in Chennai, Guindy is to search for a one of a kind logo or name. Guarantee that the logo has not been utilized already by any other company and there ought to be no earlier registration for the same. Also, your company’s logo should be relevant to your business specialty and don’t mislead the clients about the brand. 

Stage 2-Draft Trademark Application 

When you finalize a logo or name for your company, it’s an ideal opportunity to prepare a Trademark Application that expenses around INR3500. Affix the essential reports along with your Application, including: 

A duplicate of your logo (9X5cm in size) 

Marked Structure TM-48 

Aadhaar Card of Chiefs 

ID verification of Chiefs 

Incorporation Certificate/Partnership Deed 

Address verification, all things considered, 

Stage 3-Record the Registration Application 

There are two techniques for applying for Brand registration in Bangalore on the web or manual. In manual Registration, an applicant has to visit at a Trademark Registrar Office and present his Trademark Application with the necessary reports. In such a case, the applicant gets an acknowledgment receipt inside 15-20 days whereas, in an online Brand registration in Chennai, Alandhur an applicant instantly gets an acknowledgment receipt after presenting his Application. 

Stage 4-Evaluation of Application 

After applying, the represented authority directs the examination cycle. Authority checks if the Application adjusts to the law. On the off chance that any discrepancy arises in the Structure, Authority shall not continue further. 

Stage 5-Publication of approved Trademark 

At the point when the Authority approves your Application, it will then, at that point get distributed into the Trademark Journals. In the event that no one raises a complaint against the authenticity of a Trademark inside 90 days of its publication, then, at that point the brand logo gets universal acceptance with the issuance of Trademark Certification. 

Stage 6-Issue of Trademark Certificate 

Resulting to a progression of trials and tribulations, Registrar accepts the application and finally gives Trademark Certificate. 

Validity of an Enlisted Trademark 

An Enlisted Trademark is valid for a time of 10 years from the date of its recording, however it tends to be recharged every once in a while. you can get professional guidance that assists you with choosing the Trademark Class for Brand registration in Chennai, Velachery in India. 


Trademark in India is a proficient instrument to gain an upper hand over different organizations of similar nature. Apart from giving a novel character, a Trademark gives various benefits. A Company should carefully analyze the sort of Trademark that will be an ideal fit prior to applying for Registration. 

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